What r the diffrence between joiner transformation and source qualifier transformation?

U can join hetrogenious data sources in joiner transformation which we can not achieve in source qualifier transformation.
U need matching keys to join two relational sources in source qualifier transformation.Where as u doesn’t need matching keys to join two sources.
Two relational sources should come from same datasource in sourcequalifier.U can join relatinal sources which r coming from diffrent sources also.


In which condtions we can not use joiner transformation(Limitaions of joiner transformation)?

You cannot use a Joiner transformation in the following situations(according to infa 7.1):
♦Either input pipeline contains an Update Strategy transformation.
♦You connect a Sequence Generator transformation directly before the Joiner


what r the settiings that u use to cofigure the joiner transformation?

Master and detail source
Type of join
Condition of the join


What r the join types in joiner transformation?

Normal (Default)
Master outer
Detail outer
Full outer


What r the joiner caches?

When a Joiner transformation occurs in a session, the Informatica Server reads all the records from the master source and builds index and data caches based on the master rows.
After building the caches, the Joiner transformation reads records from the detail source and perform joins.


what is the look up transformation?

Use lookup transformation in u’r mapping to lookup data in a relational table,view,synonym.
Informatica server queries the look up table based on the lookup ports in the transformation.It compares the lookup transformation port values to lookup table column values based on the look up condition.