Why we use lookup transformations?

Lookup Transformations used to search data from relational tables/FLAT Files that are not used in mapping.

Types of Lookup:
1. Connected Lookup
2. UnConnected Lookup

What are Target Types on the Server?

Target types are:File, RDBMS, FTP , XML , Queues( MQ Series, Java Queues these are type of targets for Real time data movement)


What are Target Options on the Servers?

Target Options for File Target type are FTP File, Loader and MQ.

There are no target options for ERP target type

Target Options for Relational are Insert, Update (as Update), Update (as Insert), Update (else Insert), Delete, and Truncate Table.


How do you identify existing rows of data in the target table using lookup transformation?

There are two ways to lookup the target table to verify a row exists or not :
1. Use connect dynamic cache lookup and then check the values of NewLookuprow Output port to decide whether the incoming record already exists in the table / cache or not.

2. Use Unconnected lookup and call it from an expression trasformation and check the Lookup condition port value (Null/ Not Null) to decide whether the incoming record already exists in the table or not.


What are Aggregate transformation?

The Aggregator transformation allows you to perform aggregate calculations, such as averages and sums. The Aggregator transformation is unlike the Expression transformation, in that you can use the Aggregator transformation to perform calculations on groups