Can u start a batches with in a batch?

U can not. If u want to start batch that resides in a batch,create a new independent batch and copy the necessary sessions into the new batch.


Can u start a session inside a batch idividually?

We can start our required session only in case of sequential case of concurrent batch we cant do like this.


How can u stop a batch?

By using server manager or pmcmd.


What r the session parameters?

Session parameters r like maping parameters,represent values U might want to change between sessions such as database connections or source files.

 What is parameter file?

Parameter file is to define the values for parameters and variables used in a session.A parameter
file is a file created by text editor such as word pad or notepad.
U can define the following values in parameter file
Maping parameters
Maping variables
session parameters


How can u access the remote source into U’r session?

Relational source: To acess relational source which is situated in a remote place ,u need to configure database connection to the datasource.

FileSource : To access the remote source file U must configure the FTP connection to the
host machine before u create the session.
Hetrogenous : When U’r maping contains more than one source type,the server manager creates a hetrogenous session that displays source options for all types.


What is difference between partioning of relatonal target and partitioning of file targets?

If u parttion a session with a relational target informatica server creates multiple connections
to the target database to write target data concurently.If u partition a session with a file target
the informatica server creates one target file for each partition.U can configure session properties
to merge these target files.


what r the transformations that restricts the partitioning of sessions?

Advanced External procedure tranformation and External procedure transformation: This
transformation contains a check box on the properties tab to allow partitioning.

Aggregator Transformation: If u use sorted ports u can not parttion the assosiated source
Joiner Transformation : U can not partition the master source for a joiner transformation
Normalizer Transformation
XML targets.