What is granularity in INFORMATICA? How should be the level of granularity for a fact table as well as for a dimension table?

Granularity is nothing but a least level of information we can get from a table.
For example let us consider time dimension.
From this time dimension the least level of information what we can get is based on time.


What r the active and passive transforamtions?

An active transforamtion can change the number of rows that pass through it.A passive transformation does not change the number of rows that pass through it.


What r the designer tools for creating tranformations?

Mapping designer
Tansformation developer
Mapplet designer


What is Session and Batches?

Session – A Session Is A set of instructions that tells the Informatica Server How And When To Move Data From Sources To Targets. After creating the session, we can use either the server manager or the command line program pmcmd to start or stop the session.Batches – It Provides A Way to Group Sessions For Either Serial Or Parallel Execution By The Informatica Server. There Are Two Types Of Batches :

Sequential – Run Session One after the Other.concurrent – Run Session At The Same Time.

What is Data Transformation Manager?

After the load manager performs validations for the session, it creates the DTM process. The DTM process is the second process associated with the session run. The primary purpose of the DTM process is to create and manage threads that carry out the session tasks.