What r two types of processes that informatica runs the session?

Load manager Process: Starts the session, creates the DTM process, and sends post-session email when the session completes.
The DTM process. Creates threads to initialize the session, read, write, and transform data, and handle pre- and post-session operations.


what is a source qualifier?-

It represents all data queried from the source.


what is the logic will you implement to laod the data in to one factv from ‘n’ number of dimension tables.

to load data into one fact table from more than one dimension tables . firstly u need to create afact table and dimension tables. later load data into individual dimensions by using sources and transformations(aggregator,sequence generator,lookup) in mapping designer then to the fact table connect the surrogate to the foreign key and the columns from dimensions to the fact.


what is update strategy transformation ?

This transformation is used to maintain the history data or just most recent changes in to target