What is the difference between source definition database and source qualifier?

a source definition database contain the datatypes that are used in the orginal database from which the source is extracted. where the source qualifier is used to convert the source definition datatypes to the informatica datatypes. which is easy to work with.


What is the logic will you implement to load data into a fact table from n dimension tables?

we can do this by using mapping wizard.  there are of basically two types:
1)getting started wizzard
gettign started wizard is used when there is  no need to change the previous data.
scd can hold the historical data.


what is semi additve measures
and fully additive measures

1.additive  2.semi additive 3. non-additive

additve means when a any measure is queried of the fact table if the result relates to all the diemension table which are linked to the fact

semi-additve when a any measure is queried from the fact table the results relates to some of the diemension table

non-additive when a any measure is queried from the fact table if it does n’t relate to any of the diemension and the result is driectly from the  measures of the same fact table ex: to calculate the total percentage of loan just we take the value from the fact measure(loan) divide it with 100 we get it without the diemension..

how do you add and delete header , footer records from flat file during load to oracle?

We can add header and footer record in two ways.

1) Within the informatica session we can sequence the data as such that the header flows in first and footer flows in last. This only holds true when you have the header and footer the same format as the detail record.

2) As soon as the sesion to generate detail record file finishes we can call unix script or unix command  through command task which will concat the header file detail file and footer file and generrate the required file

What is the maplet?

Maplet is a set of transformations that you build in the maplet designer and U can use in multiple mapings.