the informatica server sorts the string values in Ranktransformation?

When the informatica server runs in the ASCII data movement mode it sorts session data using Binary sortorder.If U configure the seeion to use a binary sort order,the informatica server caluculates the binary value of each string and returns the specified number of rows with the higest binary values for the string.


What r the rank caches?

During the session ,the informatica server compares an inout row with rows in the datacache.If the input row out-ranks a stored row,the informatica server replaces the stored row with the input row.The informatica server stores group information in an index cache and row data in a data cache.


What is the Rankindex in Ranktransformation?

The Designer automatically creates a RANKINDEX port for each Rank transformation. The Informatica Server uses the Rank Index port to store the ranking position for each record in a group. For example, if you create a Rank transformation that ranks the top 5 salespersons for each quarter, the rank index numbers the salespeople from 1 to 5:


What is the Router transformation?

A Router transformation is similar to a Filter transformation because both transformations allow you to use a condition to test data. A Filter transformation tests data for one condition and drops the rows of data that do not meet the condition. However, a Router transformation tests data for one or more conditions and gives you the option to route rows of data that do not meet any of the conditions to a default output group.


What r the types of groups in Router transformation?

Input group, Output group

The designer copies property information from the input ports of the input group to create a set of output ports for each output group.
Two types of output groups
User defined groups
Default group
U can not modify or delete default groups.


Why we use stored procedure transformation?

For populating and maintaining data bases.


What r the types of data that passes between informatica server and stored procedure?

3 types of data
Input/Out put parameters
Return Values
Status code.