How do we extract SAP data Using Informatica? What is ABAP?

What are IDOCS?

Go to source analser ,click on source,now u will get option ‘Import from SAP’

click on this now give your SAP access user,client,password and filter criteria as table name(so it will take lessertime).Afetr connecting ,import the sap source.

Now one important thing after finishing the map save it and generate ABAP Code for the map.Then only workflow will be running fine.

What are active transformation / Passive transformations?

ACTIVE Transformations:Transformations those can affect the number of records between Input and Output.
Passive Transformations:Transformations those do not  affect the number of records between Input and Output.


What is Informatica Metadata and where is it stored?

Informatica Metadate is nothing but the source definition, target definition and the transformations that have been built. They are stored in the respository server and is managed by Repository manager of the informatica client tool.